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Date Hour Event Price
23-JUN20h00CU-be DraftFREE
14-JUL20h00Hour of Devastation Release - Sealed Deck22 EUR
21-JUL20h00Hour of Devastation Draft11 EUR

As from 2017 we play at Jongerencentrum Bouckenborgh, Bredabaan 559, 2170 Merksem.
GPS = "Oude Barreellei", turn at SHURGARD to park at soccer fields - walking distance!

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Enjoy your stay! :-)

« Hour of Devastation PREORDER »

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« Dice -- D6 sets, big spindowns and positive/negative dice »

Some new dice material available!

« Commander Anthology & Archenemy - Nicol Bolas »

Available for preorder now!

« Amonkhet - Rise Among the Worthy »

The desert oasis of Amonkhet forges warriors. You have trained your entire life for a chance to face the Trials of the Five Gods and join the elite ranks of the Worthy. Using your strength, speed, and cunning, overcome deadly challenges and rise above the competition to claim an honored place in the Afterlife!

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« Duel Decks - Mind vs Might »

Mind vs. Might showcases the age-old clash between mages and warriors, brains and brawn. Clever plots or raw power -- which will you choose?
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The new duel decks have an improved configuration, which came with a price increase from WotC.