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Date Hour Event Price
28-DEC20hUltimate Masters Sealed Event (volzet)60 EUR
11-JAN20hGentry Leaderboard - JanuaryFREE
25-JAN20hRavnica Allegiance Sealed (Release)20 EUR
01-FEB20hRavnica Allegiance Draft10 EUR
08-FEB20hGentry Leaderboard - FebruaryFREE
15-FEB20hRavnica Allegiance Draft10 EUR

As from 2017 we play at Jongerencentrum Bouckenborgh, Bredabaan 559, 2170 Merksem.
GPS = "Oude Barreellei", turn at SHURGARD to park at soccer fields - walking distance!

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« PREORDER Commander 2018 -- Release August 10, 2018 »

Choose your commander and carve your path to victory in this unique multiplayer Magic format. Call on powerful planeswalkers and deploy their signature strategies to make sure you are the last player standing.

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Battlebond is the first set in Magic history designed specifically for Two-Headed Giant play! The new mechanics in Battlebond are unlike anything we've ever done in Magic, and they really elevate the promise of Two-Headed Giant to its full potential!

Little in Magic is better than playing with a friend. And whether you and your best friend have been playing for ages and want to team up together or you're looking for the perfect chance to bring someone who is hoping to get their foot in the Magic door, Battlebond is the ideal set!