Friday Evening Events

Want to play? Join us during one of our friday MTG evenings at Jongerencentrum Bouckenborgh!
Bredabaan 559, 2170 Merksem (GPS = "Oude Barreellei", turn at SHURGARD to park at soccer fields - walking distance)
Hope to see you there. Be safe!

Date + Start Time Event Price

21.01.2021 20:00ModernFREE
28.01.2021 20:00Cube DraftFREE
04.02.2021 20:00CommanderFREE
11.02.2021 20:00GentryFREE
18.02.2021 20:00Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Sealed28 EUR
25.02.2021 20:00Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Draft13.50 EUR
04.03.2021 20:00LegacyFREE
11.03.2021 20:00Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Draft13.50 EUR
18.03.2021 20:00GentryFREE
25.03.2021 20:00ModernFREE
01.04.2021 20:00Unfinity Draft
08.04.2021 20:00GentryFREE

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