Friday Evening Events

Want to play?
Join us during one of our
Friday MTG evenings
at Jongerencentrum Bouckenborgh!
Start Hour = 20h00

17 May 2024
No MTG Event
24 May 2024
Commander Multiplayer
31 May 2024
07 Jun 2024
Cube Draft
14 Jun 2024
Modern Horizons Sealed/Draft
21 Jun 2024
Modern Horizons Sealed/Draft

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« Bloomburrow - Tiny Tails, Big Adventure »

Bravery comes in all sizes!
Put your best paw forward and fight beside critters as you restore the balance of peace.

« Assassin's Creed - Never Show Your Hand »

Uncover the secrets of the past and follow in the footsteps of the assassins who came before.
Be swift. Be precise. And never show your hand.

« Modern Horizons 3 - Your New Forever Favorites »

Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern.
Allied fetch lands return alongside power-packed new cards like double-faced Planeswalkers you're sure to flip for.

« Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Rustle Up Some Trouble »

Welcome to Thunder Junction, the brand-new frontier plane that's an outlaw’s paradise.
Saddle up for a wild ride!

« Murders at Karlov Manor - Unravel the mystery! »

In a city that needs investigating, you’re the one on the job. Find out who committed the murders at Karlov Manor … before you become their next victim.

« Ravnica Remastered - Worthy of the guilds! »

Ten guilds. Ten color pairs. Characters and story of Ravnica spanning 13 Magic sets across 16 years.
Available January 12, 2024, Ravnica Remastered brings amazing reprints and collectible favorites to a unique draft experience all its own!

Pre-Order Now

« The Lost Caverns of Ixalan - Treasure bites back! »

Begin the adventure of multiple lifetimes with Dinosaurs and Ancient Gods guarding untold treasures in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan!

Pre-Order Now