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Magic the Gathering singles

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Shipping - Answers

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are based on the items in your order. If your order contains at least one product, you pay a fixed price - no matter how much products you have in your order! If your order only contains cards, the exact shipping cost depends on the amount of cards.


 Regular ShippingRegistered ShippingBPack MiniBPost @BPack
1 - 10 cards€ 1.00€ 6.25€ 4.50€ 4.50
11 - 20 cards€ 1.75€ 7.00€ 4.50€ 4.50
20 - 40 cards€ 2.50€ 7.75€ 4.50€ 4.50
40+ cards€ 3.25€ 8.50€ 4.50€ 4.50
Package (Products/Cards)BPost @Home = € 6.00-€ 4.50


 Regular ShippingRegistered Shipping
1 - 10 cards€ 1.50€ 6.75
11 - 20 cards€ 2.50€ 7.75
20 - 40 cards€ 3.50€ 8.75
40+ cards€ 4.50€ 9.75
Products (NL & LUX)€ 15.00-
Products (EU)€ 30.00-
(Rest of World)
Please request a shipping quote before proceeding your order!

International (World)


What are the different shipping options?

If you are not picking the items up, we will ship using Belgium Post (BPost) ( Depending on the option, your order will be shipped to your home address or a "BPack location" (closest to your home address).
The following options deliver at home = Regular Shipping, Registered Shipping, BPack Mini and BPost @Home.
BPost @BPack is the option that will deliver at a "BPack location", which might be interesting if you are not home during the day. You are informed via email when the package is ready to be picked up at the "BPack location". If you wish to have it delivered in another "BPack location" then the one closest to your home address, please mention that in the comments during check-out.


How fast do you ship?

My goal is to ship your items within the first two working days after payment is received. Should this not be the case, you'll be informed!


Magic the Gathering Singles - Answers

What are the conditions of the cards?

All cards currently listed or in 'Near Mint' condition. Should this somehow not be the case, you'll be advised and we'll work it out.

Near Mint [NM]
Cards show minor to no wear: Minor Scratching, Minor Border/Corner Wear, Minor Clouding or Minor Misprints/Printing Defects.
Cards in Near Mint condition are generally indistinguishable from other cards in this condition. If there are multiple issues present on the same card, the card is likely to be graded as Played.

Played [PL]
Cards in Played condition show definite wear.
Cards in this condition could have a number of grading issues to the card and won't necessarily look similar to one another.
Played cards are always legal for tournament play in a sleeve.
Played cards can have multiple of the below listed issues. However, the more unique issues a Played card has, the more likely it is to be graded Heavily Played instead.

  • Scratching
  • Minor Bends
  • Shuffle Crease
  • Moderate Border/Border Wear
  • Minor Mid-Card Whitening
  • Very Minor Dirt
  • Very Minor Water Damage
  • Binder Impressions
  • Any Non-Flat Cards
  • Moderate Misprints/Printing Defects
  • Signed/Stamped Cards

Heavily Played [HP]
Heavily Played cards may show extreme wear, however they will still be tournament playable sleeved or double sleeved.
We sell very few individual cards in this condition on our website.
Heavily Played cards can have the widest range of condition issues:
  • Any Inking
  • Dirt
  • Moderate to Major Water Damage
  • Major Whitening
  • Major Corner/Border Wear
  • Massive Creasing
  • Any Indention
  • Any Delamination

Damaged [DM]
Damaged cards are torn or have holes, have significant water damage over the entire card, are bent or warped, or have severe bends. We do not sell damaged cards on our website.


Do you buy cards?

I am always interested in very interesting cards or a big collection...
If you think you have something that could be interesting for me, don't hesitate te let me know and I'll provide you with a buying price.


Are there quantity limits when ordering?

Yes. Commons and Uncommons = maximum 8x. Rares and Mythic Rares = 4x.


Can I pre-order singles?

Yes. About a week before official release, singels will be available on the site. However, prices can change on daily/hourly basis. Prices are subject to change and we have the right to align them within 48 hours after an order is received, you will receive a mail if so.


Sealed products - Answers

Do you have everything in stock?

Although most items are in stock, it could be the case some have limited stock or need to be ordered with distributor(s). You can check the status of the item by checking the corresponding symbol:

No longer available - out of print - This item is no longer available with our distributors or is extremely hard to find. For the moment, you can't order it via this site.

Pre-Order - This item is still on presales. It's not yet available, but we already accept pre-orders in order for you to make sure you'll get your goodies ;-)

Needs to be ordered - This item is not in stock, but can be ordered with one of the distributors. It should be available within 2-3 working days. Prices may change - although unlikely. When price changes occure, you may cancel the order if desired.

Limited stock - This item is in stock, but the quantity is limited. Extra items can be ordered with one of the distributors (see above). You'll see this symbol when we have < 4 items in stock.

In stock - We have 4 or more items in stock. The exact quantity is always visible.


What if I am looking for a Magic: the Gathering related item, but can't find it in your shop?

Drop me a mail and I look around. Maybe you'll introduce a new product in this shop. Thank you!


How do "allocations" work?

Some items are difficult to get as a non-WPN store and are sometimes (heavily) allocated for online shops like ours. Some of the products which were allocated in the past: Brawl decks, Commander decks, special booster sets, ...
Items with an "allocation" risk cannot be guaranteed during preorder. We will do our outmost best to deliver all items preordered, but due to potential allocation we might not receive enough product to fulfill all orders. If that would be the case, we deserve the right to allocate all of the available product based on the ordered quantity and your past order history.
We will alway communicate in full transparacy should such an allocation from Wizards of the Coast happen for any of the preorders you have placed.
Should we be unable to guarantee the preordered quantity, we will refund any outstanding amount within a few days after the allocation is known.



We take much pride in honouring our prices! We don't cancel orders after certain card spike, like most other shops do.
However, mistakes happen and if a card is listed at a price which is not market conform and we notice it during order preparation, we will contact you to find a proper solution.
Example: Selling a card at 1.00 € while we intend to sell it at 100.00 € (when 100.00 € is a realistic price). If you find cards which seem to be priced too high, don't hesitate to contact us so we can adapt our prices (if possible).